About Me

I am a climber, I tell myself. I travel, write, work, and study. I remember some of what I’ve learned, and forget twice as much. I believe in Jon Stewart, Public Radio, PBS, Mr. Wizard, and Reading Rainbow. I am a strong supporter of the Oxford comma. I enjoy creative story telling. Baby animals are 1910989_10203543071874429_8906105670520158587_omy kryptonite, especially red pandas, penguins, and sloths . I live for adventure of any size. I am easily delighted and easily entertained. I like good beer, good coffee, and good whiskey (but I cannot hold my alcohol). I dislike absolutes. When no one is looking, I have been known to read People magazine. The world started to make a lot more sense to me when I realized it was “force field” and not “forest field.” I’m still fuzzy on the difference between a highway and a freeway. I am a messy eater – do not mistake my table manners for those of a dainty eater, it is all a sham. I am still sometimes fearful of the dark.

If you are my climbing partner, I swear I will not drop your ass. If you are my friend, I solemnly swear to mostly remember the good stuff and not hold the bad stuff against you. If you are a friend I haven’t met yet, know that I am so excited to meet you, I can hardly stand it. To all the rest of you, use good judgement and never rely on common sense. Thanks for checking out my blog.



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