Kebabs and charcoal. Welcome to Urumqi.

This evening:
Dr. Z and I took an evening stroll through the Uygur and Hui neighborhoods after I woke up from a two-hour nap. We meandered down the broad sidewalks and narrow streets, surrounded by the din of marketplace vendors selling clothing, fruit, and everything in-between. I tried a samsa (similar to samosa) purchased from a man who smiled when I asked if I could take a picture. Although I would like more personal shots of people in the street, I am still uncomfortable with what feels a little like pushing the camera in people’s faces. Dr. Z reassures me that people are proud of their culture and would be pleased to share it.
We passed a number of mosques – I was surprised by how many and how distinct in style there were. I recognized the traditional Chinese architecture used in some of the Hui mosques, whereas Uygur mosques are distinctly Arabic.

“God loves humanity.” – a sign over the entrance of a mosque in a Hui neighborhood.


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